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The Organic Acids Test From Great Plains Laboratory

Why this test is the gold standard in determining your overall health

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) from Great Plains Laboratory offers a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health with over 70 markers. You don’t need a prescription and all you need to provide is a urine sample via Fedex. The OAT determines your levels of:

  • Citramalic
  • Fumaric
  • Glutaric (Vitamin B2-Riboflavin)
  • 5-Hydroxymethyl-2-furoic
  • Malic
  • Ascorbic (Vitamin C)
  • 3-Oxoglutaric
  • 2-Oxoglutaric
  • 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaric (CoQ10)
  • Furan-2,5-dicarboxylic
  • Aconitic
  • N-Acetylcysteine (Glutathione precursor)
  • Furancarbonylglycine
  • Citric
  • Methylcitric (Vitamin H-Biotin)
  • Tartaric
  • Homovanillic Acid (HVA)
  • Pyroglutamic
  • Arabinose
  • Vanillmandelic Acid (VMA)
  • Orotic
  • Carboxycitric
  • HVA/VMA Ratio
  • 2-Hydroxyhippuric
  • Tricarballylic
  • 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic (5-HIAA)
  • 2-Hydroxyisovaleric
  • 2-Hydroxyphenylacetic
  • Quinolinic
  • 2-Oxoisovaleric
  • 4-Hydroxyphenylacetic
  • Kynurenic
  • 3-Methyl-2-oxovaleric
  • 4-Hydroxybenzoic
  • Quinolinic / 5-HIAA Ratio
  • 2-Hydroxyisocaproic
  • 4-Hydroxyhippuric
  • Uracil
  • 2-Oxoisocaproic
  • Hippuric
  • Thymine 2-Oxo-4-methiolbutyric
  • 3-Indoleacetic
  • 3-Hydroxybutyric
  • Mandelic
  • Succinic
  • Acetoacetic
  • Phenyllactic
  • HPHPA (Clostridia marker)
  • 4-Hydroxybutyric
  • Phenylpyruvic
  • 4-Cresol (C. difficile)
  • Ethylmalonic
  • Homogentisic
  • DHPPA (beneficial bacteria)
  • Methylsuccinic
  • 4-Hydroxyphenyllactic
  • Glyceric
  • Adipic
  • N-Acetylaspartic
  • Glycolic
  • Suberic Malonic
  • Oxalic
  • Sebacic
  • 3-Methylglutaric
  • Lactic
  • Methylmalonic (Vitamin B12)
  • 3-Hydroxyglutaric
  • Pyruvic Pyridoxic (Vitamin B6)
  • 3-Methylglutaconic
  • 2-Hydroxybutyric
  • Pantothenic (Vitamin B5)
  • Phosphoric

Description of the Organic Acids Test:  (from Great Plains)  “The Amino Acids Urine Test offers important clinical data on metabolic, nutritional, and neurological disorders.  The test analyzes 40 amino acids and provides a detailed explanation of the possible causes and consequences of detected abnormalities, along with nutritional information. Amino acid imbalances are frequently underlying factors in disorders such as ADD, depression, Tourette syndrome, tic disorder, OCD, seizures and others.About the OAT Test: (Text from Great Plains)

The Organic Acids Test offers an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria. Abnormal toxic levels of these microorganisms can cause or worsen behavior disorders, hyperactivity, movement disorders, affect energy levels and immune function. Many people with chronic illnesses and neurological disorders often excrete one or more abnormal organic acids in their system. The cause of these toxic levels include: oral antibiotic use, high sugar diets, immune deficiencies, and genetic factors.

If abnormalities are detected in the Organic Acids Test, treatment can include supplements, vitamins, antioxidants and dietary modification. Upon treatment, patients and physicians have reported significant improvement such as decreased fatigue, regular bowel movements, increased energy and alertness, increased concentration, improved verbal skills, less hyperactivity, and decreased abdominal pain.”

The test results take a few weeks to come back.   Your medical practitioner, if they order the test will receive the results and contact you to review the results.  If you get your results directly from Great Plains and you don’t have a practitioner to assist you in translating your results into treatment plans, you may want to consider working with a naturopathic doctor or integrative medicine specialist.   These individuals are well-versed in holistic health, nutrition and supplementation more so than traditional medical practitioners.

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