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10 Essential Tips for Vibrant Health

True, we at real mom are no doctors, but we do have a few tips gleaned from experience when it comes to looking and feeling your best. Join us in this article to learn about ten tips and steps you can take to positively impact your health.

10. Make Healthy Decisions

The first step toward more vibrant health involves making conscious decisions to be healthy each day.  For you it may mean stopping smoking, cutting back on alcohol consumption or starting a vitamin regimen.  For me, taking steps to improve mental health by getting plenty of rest consistently is a struggle.  Regardless of if we are talking about healthy eating, skin care or mental health – consistency is key to a healthy lifestyle.

9. Sunscreen Everyday

Sure you likely slather in sunscreen at the beach. However, most of our exposure to the sun’s harmful rays happen during daily activities in bouts of short exposure.  Combat sun damage by using makeup and moisturizers with an SPF to protect your skin each day.

8. Regular Health Screenings

Even with the rising cost of health care, women cannot afford not to engage in regular health screenings.  Annual wellness visits to doctors contribute to a healthy lifestyle by catching any health scares before they have the chance to progress.  At home, take the time to notice body changes that could be markers or warning signs for illnesses.  Self breast exams to check for lumps and abnormalities are a good way to detect early signs of breast cancer.  Years of sun exposure calls for annual trips to the dermatologist and monitoring moles and freckles yourself to note any changes that could potentially be problematic.

7. See a Therapist

If you have never considered seeing a therapist, it may be a valuable addition to your regular wellness techniques.  Therapy sessions can be particularly helpful not just during tough times but in navigating the normality of daily life as well.  Taking the time to talk out your thoughts can promote mental clarity and mental health.

Woman Exercising

6. Find Your Way to Exercise

Most of us have had our fair share of manic exercise routines.  Fad exercise regimens come into vogue just like fad diets and often leave us feeling uncommitted, down and out.  In working toward vibrant health I challenge you to find your way to exercise and stick with it.  Resist the urge to fit the mold of what friends are doing and find an exercise regime that fits your lifestyle, time and preferences.  Just taking the time to walk for half an hour a day consistently alone or with a friend is a step in the right direction of exercising your body and improving your health. 

5. Strength Over Scale

Understand that you are not the number on the scale. The way you feel as a result of your lifestyle is so much more important than your weight.  If you have ever been surprised at the stubborn number on the scale after a great week of work outs and clean eating, you know what I mean.  Do not allow a weight loss plateau to keep you from working toward a healthy lifestyle.  Eat right and exercise while paying more attention to your strength and how great you feel than to your weight.

4. Eat Well

Much like fad exercise regimes – we have likely all had our share of fad diets, trendy cleanses, prepackaged weight loss meals and complicated eating routines.  Take a step toward better health and feeling great by eating food that is nutrient dense and delicious.  Enjoy sweets in moderation and refrain from policing what you are “allowed” to eat.  Feed your body and love your body well.

3. Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Surrounding yourself with a tribe that is kind and supportive goes a long way to contribute to mental health and make you happier.  Invest in your friends and family and make the time for the phone calls and visits that happen too infrequently. Be the supportive friend to others that you treasure yourself.

2. Quality Sleep

In our hectic world of constant work and communication sleep deprivation tends to be the theme.  Women and moms especially bear the brunt of dealing without rest simply because they scurry to care to the needs of everyone before themselves.  Quality of sleep and consistency of sleep are important factors that we too often do not take into account.  While you may aim to get to bed early a few nights a week, you might be disturbing your sleeping patterns by sleeping in too late on the weekends, taking a nap the wrong time of day or for too long a time span or even limiting the amount of deep sleep you get each night by spending too much time with technology before bed or sleeping with the television on. 

1. Take Time for You

Savor unscheduled time and take time for to do what you love.  Even twenty minutes a day to unwind during a time you have no commitments or responsibilities can work wonders to promote positive health.  Watch a makeup tutorial online, read a chapter of a book, take a walk through your neighborhood or kick back on your porch to relax.  Regardless of how you choose to take time for yourself, do it knowing that you are promoting positive health.


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