How To Cleanse And Moisturize With 1 Beauty Product!

Essential oils that can revolutionize your skin care regimen

Oil cleansing, that’s right – Cleanse your face with oil!  Whether you use a store-bought product or make your own at home, Using oils to cleanse your face will leave your skin radiant and moisturized while not stripping away its’ natural oils.  Another bonus – you’ll never need to use eye makeup remover when using a cleansing oil.  Oil makes short work of melting away dirt and makeup without the use of harsh chemicals.

Create your own oil wash:

    • Sweet almond or Grapeseed  – Especially suited for oily skin
    • Jojoba – Great for all skin types, but particularly good for acne
    • Avocado  – Great for dry skin
    • Olive Oil  – Great for hydrating dry skin

Store Bought:

A couple of my favorites are Christian Dior and Nude cleansing oil.

How to use oils for cleansing:

  1. Pour a portion about the size of a quarter of oil into your palm.  Next, rub hands together to warm up the oil and spread all over your face.
  2. Massage oil into your face for about 2 minutes.
  3. Next, place a wet – hot washcloth over your face for 10-20 seconds.  This will open your pores.
  4. Finally, wipe away oil with your wash cloth.
  5. For extra moisture, massage a few drops of your cleansing oil into your face.

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