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10 Rules You Should Follow to Maintain an Organized Home

Home organization is a goal many of we moms have but few of us feel like we truly ever realize. With a busy family life that never stops, taking control of the organization of your home can indeed be difficult, still you can do it. This article outlines our favorite ten tips for maintaining an organized home.

10. Have the Right Tools

Good luck getting organized if you do not have the tools you need to succeed. You needn’t purchase a fancy filing system for documents or hundreds of dollars of closet organizing tools to be successful. However, you do need to have the necessary hangers, bins boxes and other organizing tools to get started. Dollar Tree and Target are my go- to organizing shopping spots.

9. Have a Time Frame on Projects

For crafters and scrap bookers like me, it’s is tempting to have several projects going on simultaneously. Unfortunately, crafting, home projects and scrapbooking all have a messy side. Setting a time limit on chaos is a good idea. Example – it’s tempting to get unmotivated a few days into a home painting project and continually extend the deadline for when you are coming back to finish the project. Meanwhile, drop cloths, painters tape, and half decorated walls loom as a reminder of the work to be done. Maintain organization in your home during projects by setting a definitive “finish by” deadline.

8. Donate as You Go

In my childhood I remember enduring boring days (for an elementary school aged kid) that involved trying on a closet of clothes to see what I had outgrown, sorting through books and toys I had aged out of an then loading it all for donation. Today I take a different approach to weeding out my possessions and wardrobe by donating as I go. By having a donate bag in your closet that you can toss items into any day you realize it no longer fits or it is not your style anymore, you eliminate the need to have marathon closet clean out days and maintain an organized closet.

7. Recruit the Family

The simple truth is that a home cannot stay organized without everyone in the house buying in and pitching in. For this reason, enlisting your family to share your vision for a clean house is super important. When the entire family has a vision for an organized space you can all work together to achieve it.

6. Take Something with You

I heard a tip years ago that stuck with me when it comes to home organization. When I leave a room, I take something with me. Sometimes it’s an empty water glass in my bedroom that needs to make it to the kitchen sink, or a load of dirty clothes I can toss in the washing machine while walking past it in the hall on my way out the door. By taking something with me in my routine travels around the house I knock out cleaning and organizing tasks without giving it a second thought.

5. Straighten Throughout the Day

Clearing clutter and putting things where they go the first time (instead of stashing items on my kitchen counter) keeps me from getting overwhelmed with clutter. I’ve also found that when I straighten my house throughout the day I don’t even notice that I am cleaning up!

4. Take Control of Holidays

My family always accumulates more stuff from gifting during the holiday season. Make holiday organization systems with all the tools you need for gifting, wrapping, mailing, decorating etc. Maintaining an organization system for holidays will keep you from endlessly searching the attic for an item you misplaced during decorating last year, or buying multiple rolls of gift wrap tape because you keep sitting rolls down in random places throughout the house.

3. Don’t let it Get Out of Hand

If you are anything like me, it’s easy to let routine organization tasks get out of hand during seasons of your life when you are particularly busy or tired. Resist the urge to throw in the organization towel and know that cutting down on the time you spend maintaining organization systems is fine but abandoning it altogether for a few months will result in quite the mess to clean up down the road.

2. Resist the Urge to Buy

Organization systems in my home have to happen simply because we have so much stuff. With two family members in graduate school, a pet and individual hobbies that require stuff (running, crafting, motorcycling) stuff accumulates quickly. I tell myself this to resist the urge to buy more things when I am out and about and see a great deal. Avoiding bringing more stuff into your house means you avoid having to organize new items.

1. Do Small Tasks in Dead Time

The organization process can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if you are working to establish a system for the first time. Don’t get discouraged. Break down organizing projects into manageable chunks that you can do in a few minutes of dead time each day. You will have the task knocked out in no time and will be satisfied with the seamless and stress free organization system in no time!


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