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20 Tips for Organizing Your Clothes Closet

Closet organization can be a rough job. Add in the fact that many of us are working with a super small closet space, shared closet space or even no closet space and that rough job can turn into a nightmare. My tiny house leaves a lot to be desired in the storage department.  But your closet space may have more space and be appropriate for a closet system like the one pictured above.  Join us in this article to countdown twenty tips you can use in organizing your closet and making it a functional space.

20. Embrace under Bed Storage

For those of us living in small spaces, under bed storage does not end with your college days. Rolling up athletic wear, t-shirts and scarves and stowing them in flat plastic storage tubs under my bed is a major closet space saver for me. Even with a normal height bed (not on bed risers) I can easily fit three storage containers width-wise under my king sized bed. When I’m ready to wear items in storage the boxes easily slide out on my carpet.

19. Roll Those Shirts

Rolling shirts is a space saving tip I learned while packing for international travel. However, it’s a great space saving tip to use at home as well. I love rolling shirts to store in storage cubes or in boxes under my bed. I find they get less wrinkled and are easier to identify when I’m selecting an outfit.

18. Search for Cheap Storage Solutions

I am all about saving money so I am a fan of finding low cost or no cost storage options for your space. I love shopping yard sale pages online and consignment stores for storage options. I would rather pay a few dollars for a used cube storage shelf that is going inside my closet never to be seen by anyone but me.

17. Purge Often

Tossing clothes that no longer work for you as you discover problems with them saves closet space and time in the long run. Keep a cardboard box in your closet to gather donations as you try on clothes to get ready for work or a night out.

16. Utilize Vertical Space

Stacking packing cubes or utility totes on shelving all the way up to the top of your closet really saves closet space. I love stacking cold weather gear and half marathon race gear that I only use a few times a year, high in the closet in their own utility crates.   

15. Utility Crates are Awesome

Speaking of utility crates, the lightweight, sturdy and stackable utility crates you can snag at Walmart, Target or Amazon.com are great closet organization tools. Rolled shirts, shoes and accessories all fit perfectly in these crates.  

14. Repurpose Items for Closet Organizing

Hacks that save closet space by doubling hanging area by using a soda pop tab are my favorite when it comes to home organization. Think outside the box and see how you can use items you already have around the house to reorganize your closet.

13. Group Clothes by Event

Getting dressed each day became a lot easier when I grouped my closet by event. By pairing dressier looks like suits and high end dresses with accessories and lumping them in the “meeting presentation” section of your closet you will reduce the chance that you spend time fumbling around searching for the right outfit in the morning. I love that all my formal wear, professional wear, and fun clothes are separated and easy to identify.

12. Make Items Accessible

If it isn’t accessible, it isn’t helpful. Organization designs are only worth your time if they are useful and you can easily access what you need, when you need it without the need to rearrange lots of crates or boxes.

11. Label Everything

Similarly, if you have to waste time searching through organization cubes for the right pair of shoes, the organization project was in vain. Label boxes clearly and practically so you will know what items are in the crates at a glance.

10. Don’t Wait to Dry Clean

My family is so guilty of waiting to dry clean items until we are ready to wear the clotting again. Not only is this a stressful pattern to establish (running to the drycleaner at the last minute) but it is increases wear and tear on clothes. Dry cleaning clothes right after use and storing them in your closet for another wear will ensure you get to wear fabulous outfits you love often.

9. Multiple Slacks on Hangers

Doubling up slacks or jeans on one hanger goes a long way to save closet space. I pair two pair of slacks of the same color per hanger and arrange the hangers by color for easy access.

8. Cube Storage is Golden

Cube storage is often used in dorm and apartment living, but I am in love with cube storage in every room of my home. Target, Walmart and Amazon are a few of the places I have found great cube storage in the past. However, they are likely available in plenty of other stores and online shops. Depending on the size you select, cube storage could work well for wardrobe organization inside or outside of your closet.

7. Consider Resale

Resale groups online are a great option for selling or trading used clothes that no longer fit your style without taking much of a loss financially. Even better, you can replenish your newly purged closet with items you find others are selling on resale apps.

6. Door Organization

Over the door organizers are another great way to tap into vertical space for storage. Over the door show compartments don’t just have to be used for shoes. Rolled up t-shirts, scarves or even costume jewelry that you use often can be stashed in over the door shoe compartments.

5. Tap into Empty Space

Take a strategic look at your space in the effort of finding those untapped storage options. Maybe suspending curtain rods in the bottom of your closet to hold your high heel collection is a unique storage option that would work for your space or hanging scarves vertically in the closet corner could provide a good storage option for your favorite scarves.

4. Keep Clothing Care Items Nearby

I take better care of my clothes when I have care items nearby. Have a bin with lint rollers, wrinkle releaser, a steamer and other clothing care items nearby to ensure you are always looking your best.

3. Take the Time to Maintain Clothes to Ensure they Last

Taking care of clothes with regular steaming, washes, mending or dry cleanings ensure they last as long as possible. Take care of your clothes to get a bigger bang for your wardrobe buck.

2. Consider Open Storage

You needn’t be limited to a cramped closet space when organizing your clothes. Consider open metal racks in your bedroom and put your favorite outfits on display. Open storage does double duty as a décor element and storage method.

1. Have an Area for the Next Day’s Outfit

Sector off a place to put your outfit for the following day. Pairing an outfit and accessories the night before work saves major time in the morning and ensures you don’t accidentally snag a top that needs ironing or slacks that are too small.

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