Natural Treatments For 7 Common Health Ailments

3. Hemorrhoids

Pregnancy, constipation from a lack of fiber in your diet, a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to the development of hemorrhoids.  I got a case of the ‘hoo haws’ (my pet name for these nasty little guys) during the delivery of my daughter.  They’ve flared once-and-awhile over the years and the best treatment I’ve found for these pesky guys is amazingly easy AND it works quickly!  Garlic cloves!  Peel a clove of garlic and smush it lightly.  Then coat it in olive oil and insert it into your rectum maybe an inch or two.  Leave it there overnight and presto!  You’ve got a potent astringent that can treat even the most stubborn cases of the hoo haws.  Do this a few nights in a row and you’ll notice your hemorrhoid(s) shrinking.  Applying witch hazel externally also helps to reduce swelling and itching.  You can also apply coconut oil externally and slightly internally to assist smooth bowel movements. 

You must also address the root cause of your hemorrhoids.  Drink plenty of water and herbal teas, consume plenty of fiber form veggies or a prebiotic fiber like this. 


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