5 Natural Treatments for a Urinary Tract Infection

1.Take D-Mannose 

Ever wonder what’s in cranberry juice that makes it the silver bullet for treating and preventing a UTI?  D-Mannose is the compound in cranberry juice and other natural  foods that keeps bacteria from adhering to your tissues.  You can take this compound to treat or prevent a UTI.  You cannot overdose on this supplement which makes it especially effective for women who suffer with recurrent urinary tract infections.  Take it every day to stave off future infections.

A urinary tract infection can be very uncomfortable and it’s always inconvenient. But these natural approaches to fighting the infection and relieving your pain can help you feel better quickly. It’s important not to leave a UTI untreated, as it will only get worse, and can progress into an infection in the kidneys, which can be very serious. But drinking fresh water, water with baking soda and herbal teas can get you on your way to feeling your best, and without harmful side effects you might experience with prescription medications.

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