15 Things You Can Do Today to Feel Happier & Healthier Tomorrow

1.  Invest in a new alarm clock

Purchase a next-generation  alarm clock  like The Withthings Aura Sleep System.   It  includes ddedicated sleep and wake-up programs: When it is time to fall asleep, Aura uses certain red wavelengths that favor the secretion of Melatonin in your body, consequently easing the onset of sleep. When it is time to wake-up, Aura gradually lights up with well-defined blue wavelengths that inhibit the secretion of Melatonin, contributing to a smooth wake-up.  I bought one a couple months ago  as I was suffering from insomnia and I’ve seen a definite improvement in my sleep.  I wake up more refreshed!

 It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.  Make good choices each day and you’ll help ensure your health and happiness for years to come!

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