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10 Tips for Taming the Clutter in Your Home

If your home seems like a magnet for clutter it can be super difficult to know how to sort through the mess and find peace in your space. Lucky for you, we are sharing some of our favorite tips for combatting clutter once and for all!

10. Make Items Do Double Duty

Reducing items in your home is easier when the items you do have do double duty. Buying home furnishings that can be used in a variety of ways is thrifty and eliminates clutter. I love standing pretty platters up on iron stands to decorate my kitchen counters but can easily take one off the stand to use whenever I need it. Bonus points – this décor method means more space in your kitchen cabinets too!

9. Vertical Storage

Think vertical when it comes to organizing. Installing shelving that goes straight up makes a place for clutter to live in an organized manner and reduces the copious amounts of stuff you find on tables and other flat surfaces in your home.

8. Develop a Storage System You Understand

A storage system is pretty useless without a method to the madness. Develop a storage system for your new vertical storage that works for you. Put items you need to access more often in an easily accessible location with infrequently used items at the back or top of shelves.

7. Donate

If you are frequently finding the same items in your way, you may not need them. An extra television in a room you never use, flipping past outfits in your closet that don’t fit well but you hold onto and random coffee table books you don’t love and you certainly don’t read are all clutter you should toss. Donating items to charity organizations, libraries, daycares or other families that need items you are tossing keep you guilt free about moving unneeded items out of your home.

6. Sell Unneeded Items

If you are having a difficult time parting with unneeded clutter simply because you cannot forget how much you paid to bring it into your home, consider resale. With yard sale groups online, clothing sales apps and consignment stores there are plenty of ways to recoup some cash from items you don’t need.

5. Raise Minimalist Kids

I am not a minimalist, although I am diligently working to reduce the stuff in my life. It would stand to reason that embracing a clutter-less life would be easier if we started off that way. Raise your kids to enjoy having less stuff and enjoy the experiences with loved ones.

4. Think Before You Buy

I am a sale shopping lover. I have a difficult time passing up an awesome piece of furniture for a great price at a yard sale, décor I could use for entertaining that I find at a great price or hand me downs from other friends and family. I am constantly reminding myself to think twice before buying, or bringing anything into our home. If you are not going to frequently use the item and if it does not bring you joy, it may be best to skip acquiring the item in the interest of reducing clutter in your home.

3. Decor Overload

For ladies that love decorating, it can be easy to overdo it in the décor department. Switching out home décor by season is a lovely idea, but if it isn’t realistic with your hectic life and schedule choose a few staple décor items you love that communicates your favorite things about your family and let the rest of it go. Do not be afraid of blanks spaces on walls and table tops. I mean, how many hurricane lamps, personalized family wall prints and farmhouse style bread bowls does a mom really need?

2. Pare Down Items

The clutter problem at my house comes down to – we just have too many things. While it’s awesome to be blessed with abundance, allowing clutter to weigh you down is overwhelming. Be intentional about the items you use and work to reduce the number of items you have that you find yourself rearranging without using. My partner and I became so intentional about reducing the clutter in our lives that we began gifting experiences last year. Instead of another scarf for my birthday I got a gift card to have a meal out at a restaurant. In lieu of an item for my husband’s birthday I put fifty dollars toward our purchase of an outdoor fire pit we are saving for. We will value the time together at a nice dinner or hanging out around the fire pit more than a traditional birthday gift.

1. Christmas Clutter

You know what I’m talking about, it seems rude but it’s true we all accumulate a lot of extra stuff we don’t want to need during the holiday season each year. Finding a home for all the new gadgets Santa brought can be overwhelming or impossible if you live in a small house like mine. Combat this clutter causer by talking with family and friends about your abundance of things and how much more spending time with them means to you than receiving gifts. For folks that are just going to gift you no matter what and ask what you would like, be honest. We were looking to purchase a new refrigerator in 2017, we mentioned this to family and received gift cards to put on the cost of purchase. This was a huge blessing that reduced the buying burden for us and did not result in family wasting money on random items we wouldn’t use in the coming months and years.


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